laboratory scale bioreactor

  • laboratory - wikipedia

    Laboratory - Wikipedia

    A laboratory (UK: / l ə ˈ b ɒr ə t ər i /, US: / ˈ l æ b ər ə t ɔːr i /; colloquially lab) is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed. Laboratory services are provided in a variety of settings: physicians offices, clinics, hospitals, and regional and national referral centers.

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  • laval lab laboratory equipment and supplies

    Laval Lab Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

    Fermentor, Bioreactor. Bench-Top Mini Bioreactors Fermenters 200-1000 mL; Autoclave Bench-top Fermenters 2-10L; Sterilizable In Place Bench-Top Bioreactors 7.5-20L; Photo Bioreactor 4L & Flat Panel 1.6L; Laboratory SIP fermentor 30-200L; Pilot Scale Fermentor 5-200L; Industrial Bioreactors 250-30,000L; Laboratory Balances and Scales

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  • fermentation & bioreactors | sartorius

    Fermentation & Bioreactors | Sartorius

    Seamless transfer to pilot and production scale bioreactors are ensured by Sartorius thorough understanding of bioreactor design and scale-up principles, well-thought-out automation concepts and harmonized control strategies for oxygen, pH, temperature and feed addition.

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  • laboratory fume hoods - esco

    Laboratory Fume Hoods - Esco

    Laboratory Fume Hoods A laboratory fume hood is a type of ventilation system that primarily functions to provide personnel protection against toxic fumes, vapors and dust. Its secondary function includes protection against chemical spills, runaway reactions and fires by acting as a physical barrier.

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  • bioprocess - eppendorf us

    Bioprocess - Eppendorf US

    Utilizing the strong synergies in bioreactor technology and polymer manufacturing, Eppendorf has emerged as a global player and valuable resource to its customers in the bioprocess marketplace. The Eppendorf bioprocess portfolio offers comprehensive and scalable hardware and software solutions for R&D, process development, pilot and production.

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  • laboratory crushers, pulverizers, grinders | laval lab

    Laboratory Crushers, Pulverizers, Grinders | Laval Lab

    The Automatic Mortar Grinder Pulverisette 2 is ideal for universal grinding of medium-hard-brittle to soft-brittle materials (dry or in suspension) to analytical fineness, as well as for formulation and homogenisation of pastes and creams at laboratory scale.

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  • home - scale-up systems

    Home - Scale-up Systems

    Scale-up using the Bioreactor and STR mixing toolboxes A 30-minute review of the new bioreactor mixing toolbox, estimating mass transfer, mixing time and power per unit volume in ambr(TM) 15, shake flask and rocked bag bioreactors, scaling to an STR and predicting profiles such as DO, glucose and titer; mAbs. 2020-Nov-17

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  • the green secrets of goat poop - news center

    The Green Secrets of Goat Poop - News Center

    Feb 09, 2021· Converting the tough fibers and complex sugars in plants into biofuels and other products could be humanity’s ticket to smarter materials, better medicines, and a petroleum-free, sustainable future. Hoping to discover new and improved ways of processing plant material for industrial purposes, scientists like Michelle O’Malley at UC Santa Barbara and the Joint BioEnergy Institute have been

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  • cell culture bioprocess scale-up workflow from bench to

    Cell Culture Bioprocess Scale-Up Workflow from Bench to

    Jan 14, 2021· Rich Mirro is a Business Manager responsible for the development of Eppendorf’s bench and pilot/production scale bioprocess solutions. Rich earned his degree in Biology from Rutgers university in 2003. He has extensive experience in upstream bioprocess applications ranging from small scale R&D up to large scale cGMP manufacturing.

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  • process sensors | process analytics | hamilton company

    Process Sensors | Process Analytics | Hamilton Company

    Hamilton's trusted reusable process sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and cell density measurements are available in numerous configurations for …

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  • sartorius ag - wikipedia

    Sartorius AG - Wikipedia

    The Sartorius group is an international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier, covering the segments of Bioprocess Solutions and Lab Products & Services.. In 2019, the technology group earned sales revenue of 1827.0 million euros (2018: 1566.0 | 2017: 1404.6).: 1 Founded in 1870, the Göttingen-based company currently employs over 9,000 persons.

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